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We... like... big mutts and we cannot lie! We also like little mutts. Mid-sized mutts. Scruffy mutts. Playful, bouncy, pouncy, best-friend-forever mutts.

Crossbred pups have two different purebred parents. Mixed-breeds are a cross between three or more breeds. We all have fun trying to pick out our mutt's genetic history. Where did that coloring come from? Is the curly tail a sign of his mother? Does the floppy ear come from her father? Short of DNA testing, there's no sure-fire way of knowing. But that doesn't stop us from trying! 

Mutts have always been a part of our world, and our culture. Old Yeller and Benji were both mutts. Sinbad was a full-fledged member of the Coast Guard! ( So of course, it is only right and proper that we celebrate these beloved pups.

Also known as National Mixed Breed Dog Day, National Mutt Day was born in 2005 and is actually two days; July 31st and December 2nd. That's how much we love mutts. They get their own "holiday" twice a year! 

There's a good reason for the repeat celebration. According to the National Mutt Day website (, approximately 80% of the dogs in shelters are mixed breeds. The ASPCA puts the actual number at about 3.3 million dogs. Numbers are declining, but still far too high. Worse, an average of 670,000 dogs are euthanized every year. Purebreeds are more likely to be adopted from a shelter, so mutts can linger well past adopt-ability. By bringing mixed breed dogs into the spotlight more often, the chances of reducing shelter population rises. More dogs find more loving home and everyone is happy! 

Understanding the benefits of bringing a mutt into the family will help your pet parents (and potential pet parents) make decisions that result in years of joy. Whether it's rescuing a dog from a shelter or taking on a mutt from a friend's litter, mixed breeds are...

  • Unique! Even litter mates don't look exactly the same. A mutt is a one-of-a-kind lifemate.
  • Loaded with personality. points out that mixed breeds tend to adjust more easily to a variety of households, whereas purebreds tend to hone in on a specific skill set (such as herding or hunting).
  • Healthier. With less worry about genetic disorders, mutts have fewer health concerns and are likely to live longer.
  • Affordable. Purebreds can run into the thousands of dollars to purchase from a breeder and far more in potential healthcare. 
  • Fun! Mutts can still compete, if that's the goal. Rather than dog shows, where breed standards are the goal, mixed breeds excel in agility competitions.
  • Trainable. Service and therapy dogs are no longer limited to purebreds. 

While there are a plethora of benefits to mutts, potential owners should be aware of the few challenges involved:

  • Unknown parentage. Lineage isn't always obvious, so if a pet parent is worried about aggressive breeds, adopting a mutt may be risky.
  • Unknown health issues. Because the breed history may be murky, problems could spring up unexpectedly.
  • That's it! Because mixed breeds are awesome!

Health Media Network is here to help you help your customers. Whether they come to you for advice on bringing another furry friend into their family or they're looking to adopt for the first time, we can offer ways to prepare them for the wonders of mutts!

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