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Diversity in Action

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A Brighter Halloween

Parents are more aware than ever of what their kids eat. Whether it’s preservatives and ingredients no one can pronounce or an overdose of sugar, critical eyes are turning to food labels. And that’s not even looking at the more serious side of life. Food allergies can be devastating. It is estimated that 1 in every 13 children have food allergies. That’s an average of two kids per classroom.

Halloween is hardest on these kids. While their friends are out trick-or-treating and bagging pounds of insanity-inducing sugar, they are unable to touch a wrapper for fear of peanut contamination. While their friends are swapping favourites, they’re waiting for their parents to read ingredients and sort out what is safe. What is supposed to be a fun night of candy and revelry can be frustrating and depressing. 

Enter the Teal Pumpkin Project! seeks to both raise awareness of food restrictions and promote inclusion for all kids. Instead of food treats, houses that have a teal-painted pumpkin out front will hand out stickers, erasers, plastic fangs, toys, etc. Parents worry less about what their children are consuming and kids worry less about being left out of the best part of Halloween. And you? You can feel good about helping keep the holiday fun for all!